The famous Transcarpathian scholar, author of the work on the “Rusyn issue” Liubomyr Beley has died

Professor of Uzhgorod National University Liubomyr Beley died on May 11.

Liubomyr Omelyanovich Beley was born in 1962 in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ukrainian linguist, Doctor of Philology since 1997, Professor since 2002. Director and founder of the Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies named after Mykhailo Molnar, author of scientific works devoted to the issues of language, compiler of the Old Slavonic-Ukrainian dictionary.

In 1983, he graduated from the Ukrainian department of the Philology Faculty of Uzhgorod State University and entered the postgraduate studies in "General Linguistics". In 1986, he defended his Ph.D. thesis. Since 1986, he has worked as a teacher, in 1990 he became the associate professor of the Department of General and Slavic linguistics, since 2000 Liubomyr Beley has been the professor of the Department of Languages ​​of Uzhgorod National University.

The professor studied Ukrainian onomastics, the history of Ukrainian literary language, the language and culture of the Ukrainian diaspora, and lexicography.

Last year, the professor published a thorough study of the artificial nature of the "Rusyn issue": "Rusyn" separatism: nation creation in vitro."

Our condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased.

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