The Executive Committee decided not to hurry up with advertisement

As informed, at today’s meeting of the Executive Committee they were supposed to consider the draft decision on installation of advertising media and continuation of permits for existing ones. However, the Mayor Victor Pogorelov said: the issue is postponed, "because there are complaints of Uzhgorod citizens".

As the mayor explained later, they had received a collective complaint about the installation of the advertisement on Tolstoy street. He also said that the draft decision provided for the prolongation of permits until 2018, and, Pogorelov said, "we agreed that all permits would be prolonged only until 2014, and then we would consider the further prolongation depending on the number and quality of advertising." In short, all the provisions of the draft decision are to be "reviewed by experts."

Thus, the issue was simply removed from the agenda of the Executive Committee. Let us hope that they will not adopt it "suddenly" at some special meeting without public participation. And also recall that in the city there is the moratorium on the installation of new advertising media.

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