The event “Autumn plum gathering in the museum” will take place in Transcarpathia

Event of the week❗ 
Creative group "Open kitchen" invites to spend the weekend in an interesting and informative way ❗ 
On Saturday, September 5, 2020, we invite everyone to the "Autumn plum gathering in the museum" for an eventful and extremely interesting program: 
– Anatoliy Pasevych. Presentation – "Transcarpathian Jam".
– Lyubov Povidaychyk 
– tasting in the inn. 
– blacksmithing master classes from the "Free Smithy of Transcarpathia" (Stepan Rusnak and Roman Murnik) will be held in the smithy;
– Lyubov Keretsman 
– tasting of rolls with different fillings in the inn. 
– in the school, everyone will have the opportunity to attend a themed lesson from Fedir Shandor on "Golden Ring of Transcarpathia";
❗️Entrance to the territory of the skansen with museum tickets. 
We are looking forward to seeing you ♥  
Don’t miss the opportunity to spend the weekend creatively and with pleasure
Facebook: Fedir Shandor 


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