The EU has allocated hundreds of thousands so that Ukrainian mothers return to work after maternity leave

Ukraine received 500,000 euros for the implementation of the project "Back to work: reintegration of mothers and fathers in professional life after the maternity leave." This was announced by the coordinator of the social sector of the EU mission in Ukraine Serhiy Polyuk, informed "Radio Svoboda".

Presenting the project Polyuk said: "Why the EU is concerned with these issues? Firstly, because the EU considers gender equality as one of the key issues in the field of human rights. Secondly, there is a program of the United Nations "Millennium Goals", the development goals, assumed by the EU and Ukraine. Without labor there can not be any development, and women are a large workforce, which should be taken into consideration."

According to the expert, in the Ukrainian project they applied practices of the European Union, which provide social support and normal return to work for parents who have been caring for a child.It is expected that the government, trade unions and public organizations of Ukraine, participating in the project, will prepare regulations to ensure equal opportunities for parental involvement in the economic life of the country, Polyuk explained.

As stated in the notice, the project is being implemented with the participation of the EU mission, the Ministry of Social Policy, the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, the public organization "League of Social Workers of Ukraine", a number of Ukrainian and international charities and organizations.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, only a third of women have no problems returning to work. Most mothers after the maternity leave at the request of the employer must undergo re-training – thus, an employee needs up to 6 months for a complete reintegration in the professional environment.

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