The end of “Uzhgorod”..? (PHOTOS)

In 2012 we reported about legal conflicts around the once legendary cinema "Uzhgorod" on Voloshin street in the regional center. For a long time this unique building has been in disrepair. There are several eatablishments on the first floor, but the cinema itself, its lobby and other facilities have been in dilapidation for decades.

And today, some movement was noticed at the main entrance. These moments, on Voloshin street, workers are taking out of the building bags of debris, pieces of furniture and other stuff.

They refused to comment on the actions, and even tried to stop us from taking pictures of what is happening. We had to remind them about obstruction of journalist activity, after which the work halted and the door was closed.

Apparently, the current owners of the premises (according to some information, those are the family of the former Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov) decide to do repairs in the former cinema.

Of course, the historical building with a glorious history in the heart of the city must be used and be of benefit. 

But I doubt that the owners intend to preserve this cultural object for the city.   It’s much easier to destroy everything and make more stores instead…  


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