The Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary about the accident in the Nograd district, in which Transcarpathians mught have been injured (+ HOTLINE)

On August 11, 2018, an accident involving a minibus that was transporting Ukrainian citizens happened at the territory of the Nograd region (Hungary), the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary confirmed.

13 Ukrainian citizens and the driver, a citizen of Hungary, were injured. Everyone received first medical care, everyone was hospitalized with various injuries. It is known that 8 Ukrainian citizens were seriously injured, 5 sufferred mild injuries. Nobody died.

According to the police, 13 citizens Ukraine, that were injured in the accident, were hospitalized. Seven victims with mild injuries were discharged. The rest are still in the hospitals, one is in the state of coma (the threat to life remains). His father is near him.

The Embassy continues to monitor the situation. We are trying to contact the relatives of the victims. We are in contact with the relevant medical institutions.

The hotline of the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary: +36 1 422 41 18.

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