The electronic system of patients registration was launched in Mukachevo

Today, in the session hall of Mukachevo City Council, there was a presentation of the electronic system of patients registration.  The presentation of the Medical Information System "Doctor Elex" was conducted by a representative of the "Elex" company Vsevolod Kachmar.

According to Vsevolod Kachmar, the Information System "Doctor Elex" is effectively working in several cities of the country and even in the EU.  The system primarily enables you to quickly find information, improves the quality of patient care, implements control over the process of treatment. Also, it provides a fast and convenient scheduling of appointments, easy and convenient access to scheduling and documentation via the Internet. The expert says: electronic records will lead to the disappearance of the queues in hospitals, because they will be replaced with electronic ones, control over the activities of doctors.

The system allows you to optimize the treatment process, improve the quality of patient care, monitor costs and payment history. Each patient will receive the information about the amunt of money spent from the budget for his or her treatment.         

The first step to implementation of this system in Mukachevo has already been made. In January, at the extraordinary session of Mukachevo city council, the deputies approved the program of introduction of an electronic patient registration system, implementation of electronic protocols of treatment and evaluation of the efficiency of municipal health facilities medical staff. This will allow to effectively and quickly monitor the work of medical institutions.  It will also be possible to determine the workload of medical institutions, health professionals and to see how many patients have visited the institution, how many persons are being treated.

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