The director is ready to give the plant to anyone, who will establish production process, without rent

Today at the regular meeting of the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council they continued to consider the state of enterprises, which operate in the city.
The Chairman of the Board of "Gal Ltd" Yosyp Horvath said: now the company has only 12 employees, which is several times less than before.   The plant produces motors for special purposes, such as washing machines.
Once a leading Uzhgorod enterprise now barely survives.  "We accept small orders, trying to stay afloat. But now there are no orders at all," – said the head of the plant.
He also told that despite everything, they have neither credit nor debts, wages are paid regularly. They hope to "do some reorganization and master the production of new products." The director says, that they are experiencing problems with requirements for foreign exchange transactions (many components are bought abroad) and with a constant rise in electricity prices. They try to save as much energy as possible, "but it does not help the situation."
The mayor stressed that the plant has a very large territory, which is paid for under permanent use regulations, and changing the form of ownership will require change of the form of payment for the land.
Yosyp Horvath informed: the territory of "Electrodvyhun" plant is 18.5 hectares, and the pay UAH 24,000 per month. "I do not see any other options. And when the company is back on its feet, when there are orders, then we will consider the question of buying the land. As for the "Gal Ltd.", the company bought the land – about 10 thousand square meters."
The director said, that they are constantly looking for partners, now they conduct negotiations on harnesses production and more. "I’m willing to give the company to anyone who will establish production and ensure payment of wages – to provide premises and facilities of the plant without any rent, just to have the plant operating" – said Yosyp Horvath.

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