The cyclone from the Atlantic brought the rains, but did not cause troubles in the region

For a week, it has been constantly raining in Transcarpathia. In addition, the warm weather has changed for the autumn chill. The Deputy Head of the Transcarpathian Meteorological Center Vasylyna Blokh told us that it has been caused by the cyclone, which formed over the Atlantic and then moved to Central Europe, the Carpathians. From the west and east it is "captured" by anticyclones, therefore it has been "spinning" since May 21.

As the fronts were coming in waves, rains were falling unevenly, locally, therefore they did not cause harm in the region.   However, rises in water levels in the rivers were recorded. Vasylyna Blokh says that they were insignificant – 50 – 60 cm. On Sunday, the maximum level was on the Stara river, in Znyatsevo of Mukachevo district.

Vasylyna Blokh adds that May rains mostly have torrential nature. Floods also have been recorded this month – in 1970 in the basin of the Tisa.

From May 29, Transcarpathian forecasters predict warm weather free of rain.

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