The COVID-19 situation in Transcarpathia: 24 Transcarpathians are known to be infected

COVID-19 tests conducted by the Transcarpathian Laboratory Center in Uzhgorod are recognized as valid.
Coronavirus infection was confirmed in 24 Transcarpathians. Those are the first patient with confirmed diagnosis in Transcarpathia from Mukachevo; 20 people, who contacted her, became ill. The coronavirus was also confirmed in one person from Uzhgorod and two from Tyachiv district.
Over the past 24 hours, 29 rapid tests for coronavirus detection have been performed
15744 Transcarpathians who have returned abroad are in isolation. 4 reports on violations of self-isolation rules have been made.
At present, nobody in Transcarpathia has died from COVID-19.
Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

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