The court rejected the claim of Uzhgorod prosecution office on the construction at the “Kirpichka”

Uzhgorod Prosecutors went to court to recognize partially invalid the decision of Uzhgorod City Council adopted several years ago, and therefore the lease agreement for 6 hectares of land with the "Uzhgorod-market" limited liability company in the area where activists of the "Kirpichka" initiative want to restore the park "Peremoha".

Supporting the initiative of Uzhgorod residents, the Mayor Bogdan Andriyiv signed a declaration about the support of the prosecutors’ claim and the idea to restore the park at the site – the press service of Uzhgorod city council informed.   

However, on December 16, 2015, the Economic Court of Transcarpathian region ruled to reject the claim of the prosecutors of Uzhgorod because of the missed limitation period. Although the City Council and the Department of Municipal Economy asked not to apply such periods.


Currently, the contract provides that the land is leased until December 2017. Yesterday’s decision may be appealed.

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