The Court declared payments for travel passport illegal

The appropriate decision was rendered by the Division of Dnipropetrovsk appeal administrative court in connection with the unauthorized setting of rates for travel passport blanks by the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

The court’s decision will be published immediately after the receipt thereof by the plaintiff.

"The concern is that, as the State Migration Service of Ukraine has already admitted, the price of travel passport blanks should be set by the MIA of Ukraine. However, to date such a price is set only in the contract between the SMS of Ukraine and the private concern EDAPS which is a monopolist in the market," – the coordinator of the Regional Human Rights Group "Crimean Peninsula" Mark Ben-Naim said.

"Also the SMS of Ukraine, admitted that payments for services are voluntary, and not mandatory. In other words, upon the receipt of a travel passport, you have to pay only the state fee of 170 UAH. Currently, the situation of illegal exactions, organized by offices of the State Migration Service of Ukraine and in particular, by the office in Sevastopol, is being investigated by the Sevastopol office of the AMC, which will make appropriate conclusions about the massive looting of citizens, organized by the monopolist," – the human rights activist said.

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