The Court began considering the case of eviction of a family from their house

Uzhgorod authorities try to evict a family from the house, located in the historic center – Zamkova street, 2/2. Uzhgorod City and District Court (Judge Bysaha) began to consider that case today, April 23.

The official position of Uzhgorod authorities is that family members have no right to live in the house because its owners died, and their daughter with her own family can not be successors to the house.

Panusovs family – a husband, a wife and a minor daughter – argue that they have all legal grounds to live in their house.

The confrontation between the Panusovs and Uzhgorod Executive Council has been going on for years, it has gone through several courts. Earlier the court recognized the family’s right to the house on Zamkova, 2/2.

But recently the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal cases overturned previous decisions of the courts and due to new circumstances ordered the Uzhgorod District Court to hear the case again.

Today, April 23, the judge was unable to start hearing for technical reasons. So the next hearing will be on May 8.

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