The Constitutional Court declared some quarantine restrictions illegal

On August 28, the Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional some provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution on quarantine in Ukraine imposed in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

According to the text of the CCU decision, the restrictive quarantine measures set by the Cabinet Resolution №392, as well as the provisions of the ninth paragraph of the second clause of Section II "Final Provisions" of the Law 553 were declared unconstitutional.

These include bans on holding public events, operation of catering establishments, shopping and entertainment centers, fitness centers, hotels, hostels, entertainment establishments, regular and irregular transportation of passengers by road in urban, suburban, intercity, intraregional and interregional traffic, planned hospitalization measures in health care institutions, the mandatory self-isolation of citizens.

The CCU resolved that those anti-epidemic measures adopted by the government contradict the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens. In particular, restrictions related to self-isolation, which restrict a person’s right to freedom of movement. And the closure of checkpoints, restrictions on transportation within Ukraine are contrary to the right of citizens to move freely and leave the territory of Ukraine.

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