The conference on integrated urban development will be held in Uzhgorod

November 3-4, 2016, in Uzhgorod, in the "Owl’s Nest", there will be the 4th Ukrainian Academy of Integrated Urban Development on "Integrated development of the cities in Ukraine – Culture and cultural heritage as a driver of urban development"

During the two-day conference, the key topic will be the impact of cultural projects, combined with the preservation of cultural (architectural) heritage, on urban development processes. During the introductory presentations, they will discuss the prerequisites, possibilities and the role of culture as a driver for the development of other sectors of urban life and the preservation and renewal of historic cities in the context of integrated urban development on the example of cities from Romania, Germany and Ukraine.

As always, the second day will be devoted to practical work. After the tour of the historic pedestrian zone of Uzhgorod, the working groups will analyze the challenges and needs, potential and opportunities in the development of the pedestrian zone, discuss ways of involving the public in the formation of the areas of development of this territory, and work out areas development of the pedestrian zone.

An important aspect of the Academy’s activity is the use of the obtained results in further activities and exchange of experiences and strengthening of cooperation between the cities of Ukraine, as well as discussion of future prospects with government authorities.

Recall that the event is organized by Uzhgorod city council and the German International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH.

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