The community of Transcarpathia invites majoritarian candidates to public meeting

In Uzhgorod Press Club, there was a press conference of the Coalition of NGOs of Transcarpathia, the Public Center of Transcarpathia, Uzhgorod National University Club of Experts, who in partnership with the public of 6 single-mandate consitiencies have proposed the project of the parliamentary election race – 2014 entitled "Mandate of the communities of Transcarpathia to perform the tasks of the Revolution of Dignity." They invited candidates to public meetings.

According to Oleg Luksha, the Coalition of NGOs of Transcarpathia "For reforms and European integration of Ukraine", during two weeks from 7 to 17 of October, 2014, public meeting of the community, voters and the media with parliamentary candidates are scheduled to be held in each of the 6 single-mandate constituencies of Transcarpathia. "The format of the public meeting has the following components and regulations: a brief introduction to the candidates and the essence of their election programs, the analysis of the responses previously given by candidates, dialogue of the candidate with the participants of the public meeting in the "question – answer" mode, proposition to the candidates to sign the "Memorandum of fair elections and willingness to perform the tasks of the Revolution of Dignity."        

Vasyl Ilnytsky, the chief editor of the newspaper "Fest" added that thanks to such meetings of candidates with the community, the transparency of the election process will be ensured, and secondly, the ability of a deputy to perform the relevant functions of his or her office will be determined. Because it is difficult for a voter, an average person to make a choice. "A civil society is being born in Ukraine that is restructuring the army, much faster than the government and will be able to control the election process. The voter must bear social responsibility for what is happening in the country, region, constituency", – Vasyl Ilnytsky said.

All the candidates registered at the CEC for the constituency will be invited to public meetings. If a candidate ignores the scheduled public meeting, it would not mean that his or her candidature will not be openly discussed by constituents, members of the public, experts and media. As an exception, if for objective reasons a candidate can not personally participate in the public meeting, he or she may be represented by an agent."

In advance, candidates will be offered to fill out a questionnaire with 10 questions which are the same for all candidates from Transcarpathia. 

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