The commander of the 128th Brigade appealed to football fans

"Russia is using your love of football to vindicate itself. To make you think that it is a civilized country", – Serhiy Sobko, colonel of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade appeals to football fans.

He says that on the occasion of the World Cup, which will soon begin in Russia:

"I, Colonel Serhiy Sobko, commander of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, am appealing to all football fans.

Russia uses your love of football to vindicate itself. To make you think that it is a civilized country.

But you can not trust Russia. Because it is a country that violates all international agreements, invades territories, starts wars. While you are watching football matches, it will continue to kill Ukrainians in the Donbass, like it has been doing for five years now. It will continue to lie that it has nothing to do with the shooting of the airplane MH17, or with the murder of critics of the Kremlin, that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine and Syria, that it does not interfere with elections in other countries. It will continue to abuse human dignity by holding hundreds of political prisoners, including 68 Ukrainians. Three weeks ago, one of them, Oleg Sentsov, declared a hunger strike demanding to release all political prisoners. Three others are already striking with him. There is no fair game in Russia. Russia kills and lies. Support Oleg, and together we will force it to play according to the rules. #FairPlay! #FreeSentsov!".

The appeal is posted on the page "Transcarpathian Legion".

Recall that recently our famous mountain infantry brigade changed its status to a mountain assault brigade and got a new emblem with an edelweiss and crossed axes.

Pictured: Andriy Yermolenko’s poster dedicated to the championship in the aggressor country.


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