The cleanest day of the year

Maundy Thursday occupies a special place among the days before Easter. The majority of domestic troubles like cleaning accommodation, washing and ironing happen this day. According to the old tradition the day has to begin before the sunrise when you should wash all the sorrows and pains of the body away with cold water. Then you have to wash all the corners of the house and do not leave a single dirty rag.

After cleaning, housewives get down to the sacred event – baking Easter bread (Paska). This case should be approached with a pure soul in a clean body. Many beliefs are connected with the Easter bread. It should be finely decorated, well baked and it should be smooth because only masterfully made Easter bread is associated among Ukrainians with family welfare.

A lot of work, full of festive expectation is still ahead. And tomorrow it will be filled with the real spiritual work. These days are the harbingers of the main Christian miracle – the resurrection of Christ! And it must be met with dignity: pure thoughts, pure conscience and pure deeds. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ‘remove’ these ‘spheres’ of human activity even on the Maundy Thursday. Therefore you should not waste your time to do what should be done!

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