The city will provide 10% for the reconstruction of the “Owl’s Nest”

As you know, Uzhgorod together with the Polish sister city of Jaroslaw has won a significant grant, which aims to increase the tourist appeal. This refers to the reconstruction of the buildings at Rakoczy str, 2 – the architectural monument "Barn and Wine Cellar", which is known as the "Owl’s Nest".

The total grant for Uzhgorod is 928,000 euros. 835,000 euros is the financing with the grant funds, 92,000 euros is Uzhgorod’s partnership share.

The city has to finance 10%, and for 2013 it is 600,000 UAH, for 2014 – 400,000 UAH, and for 2015 – 400,000 UAH.

The executive committee recommended the financial department to make provisions for these costs in the budget for the year 2013 and then the program will be considered at the session.

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