The City Council may try to win back the land for the community

The petition "Let’s take back the fountain behind the Drama Theater in Uzhgorod!" has been signed by over 450 Uzhgorod citizens (while the requirement is 250 signatures). This was stated by Oleksandr Volosyansky on his Facebook page.

As we already reported, due to this, the City Council will consider at its meeting a draft decision on the re-purchase of the plots under the fountain for public needs.

In addition, another draft decision will be considered "On the introduction of a moratorium (ban) on the issuance of permits for construction at the sites under the fountain."

Also, the mayor’s office sent an appeal to the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration with a request to add the Drama Theater to the list of newly discovered objects of cultural heritage, together with the protected zone around it, thus preventing the construction at the sites under the fountain. Also, the City Council considers filing lawsuits to return the land under the fountain to the city.

We will continue to defend our position – no construction around the Drama Theater, it should be exclusively a public space for all Uzhgorod citizens!" – Oleksandr wrote.

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