The case of the “separatist” newspaper in Transcarpathia is already in court

In Transcarpathia, the Security Service of Ukraine sent to court the criminal proceedings on promotion of separatism and incitement of ethnic hatred

In Transcarpathian region, the Security Service of Ukraine investigators completed the preliminary investigation of the criminal proceeding under Part 2 of Art.110 (violation of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, combined with incitement of ethnic or religious hatred) and Part 1 of Art. 161 (violation of equality based on race, nationality, religious beliefs) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

It was established that one of the issues of a local newspaper published promotional materials calling to resist the government of Ukraine, to support separatist sentiment in the eastern regions.

The conducted expertise confirmed that the newspaper printed materials create a negative image of Ukraine, humiliate national honor and dignity of Ukrainians and some representatives of national minorities, may inflame national enmity and hatred.

The materials were forwarded to the court.

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