“The case of November 9”. The prosecutor’s office launched criminal proceedings against the former city council

Uzhgorod Prosecutor’s Office launched criminal proceedings under Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for the crime "forgery" over the events that occurred during the last session of the city council of the sixth convocation.

The statement to the prosecutor was filed by activists who are convinced that it was a crime, because the deputies voted for adjustments to the master plan and the zoning plan of Uzhgorod and adopted many land issues in violation of the City Council regulations and legislation. According to the chairman of the Public Council of Uzhgorod Oleksandr Peresolyak, the adopted decisions are contrary to the interests of Uzhgorod residents.               

Oleksandr Peresolyak says that the session was held under rather strange circumstances: first, the police received a report about the alleged mining of the City Council building, evacuated out of it first activists and journalists, and then let the deputies in. However, through the back door. Citizens believe that the staging of mining was necessary to vote for these issues at the last session of the 6 convocation, because at the previous sessions they were unable to do that due to strong opposition from the public.

The former Mayor Victor Pogorelov rejects these accusations. He claims that he advocates green zones, and the said criminal case has not been initiated.

However, the acting prosecutor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Krasnogolovets confirmed that the case had been initiated. Currently, over the fact. When they find out who is to blame and whether it was indeed a crime, the case will be handed over to the court.

The current mayor Bogdan Andriyiv, at the request of the public, promised to consider a draft moratorium on land allocation in Uzhgorod at one of the first sessions. Recall that in the second round on November 15, the former secretary of the City Council Bogdan Andriyiv became the mayor of the regional center of Transcarpathia.

And we remind how deputies voted on November 9.

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