The Carpathians bloom pink

Carpathian meadows have filled with pink bloom. It is because of blooming sally. The flower, decorating mountainous landscapes in the summer, is not only beautiful, but amazingly useful. Moreover people can use practically every part of this plant. 

Its leaves, for example, can be added to salads (it contains lots of vitamin C), and you can dry and brew tea with it. The rhizome can be eaten boiled or even raw, and in the Caucasus, it is used to make the alcoholic beverage. In folk medicine the leaves are used for wound healing, headache, scrofula, as a coating and anti-inflammatory agent.

And among beekeepers blooming sally is known as a good honey plant, nectar is easily accessible for insects, contains from 12 to 72% sugar (an average of 50%), glucose and fructose prevail in the nectar. Honey production is 500-600 kg per hectare. On a warm sunny day, one bee family during an intense blooming of this plant can bring to a hive up to 12 kg of honey.


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