The car that hit a woman on a pedestrian crossing was driven by the chief of Mizhhirya district police department

Mizhhirya district police chief Yuri Petsa was driving the car "Skoda Fabia", which hit a cyclist this morning on the highway Kyiv-Chop near Mukachevo. This fact was confirmed by the office of the MIA in Transcarpathian region.   


The woman died at the scene of the accident. The details of the accident are being established by the prosecutors and the police.

The tragedy occurred about 8.00 near the village of Klyachanovo in Mukachevo district. After the collision with the "Skoda-Fabia," driven by the Chief of Mizhhirya district police, the woman was thrown into the oncoming lane, where she was run over by a truck, and then – by a "Honda".

Meanwhile, due to the accident, a huge traffic jam formed on the highway Kyiv-Chop in Mukachevo (from the village of Ivanivtsi to the village of Lavky, which is more than 10 km). The traffic is regulated by the police officers on only one lane.

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