The car of the deputy, who unveiled a photo of a forester with a killed lynx, was blown up

It is possible that it was revenge, the informed.

As we reported, in Rakhiv district, a local forester was shooting animals that are on the brink of extinction.

The head of the Transcarpathian Regional Forestry and Hunting Range Administration Valeriy Murha removed the forester Volodymyr Kabal from office for the duration of the investigation into the incident. The police opened a case. 

By the way, the photos of the forester and his son with a dead lynx were made public by their opponent Vasyl Shemota.  

And now, it has become known that Vasyl Shemota’s car was blown up in Rakhiv. 

Shemota says it happened at night. The car was standing in the courtyard and somebody threw a grenade under it.

The police are investigating this incident and have already found the remnants of the RGD grenade.

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