The campaign for sterilization of stray animals in Uzhgorod has been postponed

The volunteer campaign for sterilization and vaccination of stray animals in Uzhgorod has been postponed 

This was reported by Uzhgorod city council. 

A large-scale campaign for sterilization and vaccination of stray animals in Uzhgorod, which was planned to be conducted for the second time in three years by the volunteers of the International Charity Fund "Four Paws" is postponed. 

According to the coordinator of the project Oleksandra Lischyshyna, on April 25, the Fund Board of Directors suspended the implementation of the project "Helping homeless animals" in Ukraine, due to management changes and restructuring at the "Four Paws". 

In addition to Uzhgorod, similar campaigns were also planned to be held in Zhytomyr, Mariupol, Berdyansk and Kryvy Rih. Volunteers hope to implement the plan in the summer or autumn of this year. 

As previously reported, it was planned to sterilize 250-300 homeless animals in Uzhgorod, to vaccinate them against rabies, to arrange workshops on humane trapping of animals and playing lessons of kindness for kids explaining that animals are not only friends and toys, but also a great responsibility. 

In Uzhgorod, according to Oleksandra Lischyshyna, in cooperation with the NGO "Barbos" they have currently formed a map of stray animal population, which will be very necessary, when the project is hopefully implemented.

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