The building on Voloshin, 19 is already without the roof (PHOTOS)

It seems that experiments on the impressive building in the city center at Voloshin street, 19 have finally stopped.

The building has repeatedly suffered from various interventions. In the 1990s they attached another floor which did not quite fit into the proportions of the building. Then they changed the facade with Baroque elements "for commercial purpose", distorting it with ugly angular roofs and covering it with tiles. Not so long ago they attempted to partially save it by removing the roof on the left side of the building and restoring the plaster. They also managed to have the glaring signs removed, and over a terrace of the cafe instead of plastic structures they spread an awning fabric. Now, at the request of the chief city architect Oleksandr Sheba, they fix up the right side of the first floor. According to the foreman, the "breakwater" roof has been removed, now they are restoring the rustic facade, and then they will paint evetything in the color that would suit the building, restoring its look in its entirety. Then the house at Voloshin, 19 again will have a chance to become a real gem of the city.

As a champion of architectural identity of Uzhgorod, art critic Mykhailo Syrokhman noted, it would be great if they restored at least a few more buildings on Voloshin street. For this street is indeed not only the "heart" of the city, but the "exhibit" of facades, inimitable through an interesting mix of different styles of building, which, nevertheless, are very well combined, creating a unique aura of European Uzhgorod.


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