The best of Transcarpathia… Geographical features

For local residents, and often even for the guests of the region, Transcarpathia is always the best.

We know that food here is the most delicious, people are the most hospitable, settlements are the most picturesque, everything is the best… There are many interesting things in the region.

So, here is a new series of publications – "The best of Transcarpathia…".

Let’s begin with geographic features, those that define our location on the map of Ukraine and make us stand out among other regions:

1.      Transcarpathian region is one of the smallest in Ukraine, only Chernivtsi is ahead of us. The territory is just 12,777 km², but there are so many interesting, unusual and unique things here..

2.      The highest point of Ukraine is Mount Hoverla (2061 m), which is also located here. And this particular location is one of the most visited by tourists, because the natural potential is what attracts guests here in the first place.


3.      The next interesting place is related to the previous one, namely, the most high-altitude city – the city of Rakhiv (820-1000 m above sea level). At the same time, it is the highest district center of our state.

4.      The village of Solomonovo (48°25’50" N, 22°09’50" W) in Uzhgorod district is recognized as the westernmost point of Ukraine. It is known since 1281. They say the name comes from the man Solomon, who allegedly owned these lands. For me, the name for some reason is more similar to the English word salmon, maybe because the emblem of the settlement features 2 fish, who knows.


5.      The geodetic mark of the geographical center of Europe is located in Rakhiv district in the village of  Dilove. And what else to say here, we are not only closest to Europe, but we are also in the very heart of it.

To be continued…

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