The best gift for women (PHOTOS)

On the eve of the holiday of spring and beauty, asked local florists what kind of arrangements Uzhgorod men buy for their sweethearts.

Today you can buy a floral arrangement for 25 UAH and more. That is the price of the smallest one. Then prices vary depending on the base of the arrangement and flowers. Interestingly, the spring tulips and roses today cost the same – 10 UAH for one flower.

Florist Diana says that men actively buy all kinds of flowers – tulips, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and others. Some even ask for primroses, lilies, daisies!  She says it all depends on client’s preferences and his financial capabilities.

As a gift to women, they also buy fresh flowers in pots. Mostly orchids, hyacinths, azaleas.

Prices of flowers have hardly increased on the eve of the holiday.

We also offer you to admire the flowers – it is one of the gifts from


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