The bench press Championship in Uzhgorod

The open Championship of a separate powerlifting exercise (the most popular one) – bench press was held in Uzhgorod sports complex ‘Yunist’ (‘Youth’) yesterday, May 26.

Teams from all the district of the region, except from Uzhgorod, and guests from Lviv participated in the tournament. The competitions in this exercise can be conducted with a special outfit (the so-called press shirts) and without. It can be compared with the pole vault and with track and field athletics with some assumption that is why it is two different kinds of program in powerlifting. Today’s competition was held in the version without any special equipment.

The best results in their categories showed:

Up to 59 kg: the first place took Leivoi Olexandr 110 kg, the second place, 97,5 kg Petryshyn Sergii and the third place with the result 87,5 kg Dankanych Pavlo;

Up to 66 kg: 1st Zhinchyn Nazar 130 kg, 2nd Teteutsa Vitalii 120 kg and the 3rd place took Miakushko Olexandr with the same result but with a little greater own weight;

Up to 74 kg: 1st Krysa Yevgen 165 kg, 2nd Smetanskyi Igor 157,5 kg, 3rd Danilov Viacheslav 145 kg;

Up to 84 kg: 1st Zakharov Yevgen 172,5 kg, 2nd Shliakhta Olexandr 170 kg, 3rd Pylypenko Yurii 160 kg;

Up to 93 kg: 1st Mykulanynets Ernest 180 kg, 2nd Myholynets Yurii 175 kg, 3rd Forkosh Vladyslav 165 kg;

Up to 105 kg: 1st Maievskyi Vasyl 215 kg, 2nd Mosii Igor 180 kg, 3rd Lemak Fedir 172,5 kg. By the way, Fedir graduates from the high school this year.

Up to 120 kg: 1st Drohobetskyi Ivan 210 kg, 2nd Sytar Yaroslav 170 kg, 3rd Prozor Yevhen 155 kg;

Over 120 kg: 1st place won Zherebak Yevhen 255 kg, 2nd Nevzorov Mykhailo 200 kg, 3rd Novinkin Viktor 192,5kg.

The sportsmen that demonstrated the highest absolute results in the general offset and separately among veterans over 40-year were awarded with the individual cups. These are Yevgen Zherebak with the result of 255 kg and Drohobetskyi Ivan with the result of 210 kg.

The Mukachevo 1 team won the 1st place in the team ratings, 2nd took Uzhgorod team and the 3rd place won Mukachevo 2 team.

It is also nice to note that two of the competition organizers, Yevhen Prozor and Ivan Drohobetskyi respectively became the winners and champions.  


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