The bank on the corner of Korzo and Voloshyn streets improved its sign (PHOTOS)

 "Universal Bank", which is located in the heart of the city, finally removed its glaring blue and red sign and hung elegant letters.

According to the Chief Specialist of Cultural Heritage Preservation Department of Uzhgorod City Council Marianna Sobran, this had been discussed for a long time. And a few months ago, the central office of the bank finally developed and approved the design of the sign – as well as for the historic center of Lviv.

As it was reported, by January 20, both "Adidas" shops – on Korzo street and Petofi Square – also will have brought their signs into compliance with the applicable rules. There are approved technical passports for the new, more "concise" signs – large panels will be removed, while voluminous white letters will be over the entrance, and one small side signboard will be hung on the bracket.


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