The authorities are getting rid of all opponents to Party of Regions – a well-known Transcarpathian political scientist has been dismissed

Victor Pashchenko was forced to resign from the post of the director of the Center for civil servants training. He wrote notice of dismissal by agreement on September 17.

As he told a correspondent of, last week he was summoned to the Regional State Administration and offered to resign with the consent of the parties. The proposal came directly from the head of the RSA Ledyda and the reasons that he named were "you are working against us."

It seems that Pashchenko became unwanted, after seven years of public service as a director, due to the fact that he is hardly a supporter of the Party of Regions.

"Theoretically, I would have to feel regret for the work, where I worked for so many years, but actually I only feel relief, – he says. – In fact, my "voluntary" dismissal is only part of a process that begins with the very pinnacle of the government and goes to the very bottom".     

According to Victor Pashchenko, this behavior indicates a change in priorities of the current Ukrainian administration led by Viktor Yanukovych. If after winning the 2010 presidential election Yanukovych sought to prove that he was the leader of the entire nation, now he and his entourage openly aspire to have in government exclusively devoted to them people, so they are "sweeping" those who think differently.

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