The attackers on journalists have been identified. And the prosecutors opened a criminal investigation (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

As it turned out, the attacker on journalists in Uzhgorod was an activist of the Party of Regions.

Yesterday it was reported that on Korzo street, the crew of the "M-Studio" channel was attacked by two unidentified young men. 

Employees of the GalagovTV managed to identify the attackers, which the police had to do yesterday.

Journalists have found their accounts in the social network Vkontakte. One of them is Filip Kyrylenko, born in 1990.


This young man is also a former campaigner for Party of Regions, which is evidenced by the appropriate picture.

Apparently, the guy likes crude jokes and cruelty.

On Filip’s page, there are several photos with another attacker. His name is Christian Alfeldi. His "date of birth" field states just January 25. Year of birth not specified.


The status of this guy says: "It is better to be a good person, who swears, than to be a quite, well-behaved scum." And his favorite group in Vkontakte is "f*** your morals."

Also, on their pages, there are photos with both guys together.


Accroding to the press secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office in Transcarpathian region Victoria Popovich, Transcarpathian region prosecutor Volodymyr Janko took the issue of violations of journalists’ rights in Uzhgorod under his personal control. 

In particular, with regard to yesterday’s incident with journalists of the "M -Studio", the prosecutors ordered the police and have already registered the criminal offense in the URPI and started pre-trial investigation into obstruction of journalistic activities – Part 1 of Art.171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

This offense – the intentional obstruction of journalistic activities – is punishable by a fine in amount of up to fifty tax-free minimum incomes, or arrest for up to six months or imprisonment for up to three years.

Prosecutors will keep the course of the preliminary investigation under their control


Video – GalagovTV

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