The ARVI epidemic situation in Transcarpathian region from 22 to 29 of January, 2016

According to the deputy head of the state sanitary and epidemiological monitoring department of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service in the region Victoria DORDYAY, for the period from 22 to 29 of January, 2016, 9,623 turned persons to the health care institutions of the region about acute respiratory viral infections, the incidence increased by 2.1 times compared the previous week in 2016. The incidence rate is 76.6 per 10 thousand people, which is 126.0% above the epidemic threshold. 

The rate of outpatient treatment about acute respiratory viral infections increased during the last week (4th week of 2016) by 110.3%, in particular by 63.6% among children and by 112.2% among adults.


61.6% of cases (5930 people) are children under 17. Among children, the highest number of cases (2849 people) is recorded in the age group of 5-14 years.

4.6% of the total of cases (444 persons), including 286 (64.4%) children, have been hospitalized.

Virological studies of 93 nasopharyngeal swabs have been performed, 20.4% of them have positive results. A influenza was detected in 6 cases, RS virus – in 7 cases, parainfluenza – in 2 cases, as well as 4 adenoviruses.

To prevent the epidemic spread of acute respiratory viral infections, as of 29.01.2016, restrictive measures have been introduced in 879 establishments in the region (300 kindergartens and 579 secondary schools).

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