The area of ​​danger!

On April 16, 2015, near the Solotvyno water treatment plant, on Vozyednannya street, a sinkhole collapse occurred measuring 60×50 m and about 45 m deep with total volume of about 100,000 cubic meters, resulting in a karst chasm with sharp edges, indicating a continuing subsidence of soil, the press service of Tyachiv District State Administration informed.

 As a result of the collapse, no property was damaged, nobody was injuried. However, a 6 kV power line of Tyachiv district electric network of the "Zakarpatoblenerho" PJSC is within a dangerous distance from the chasm. 

Members of the district commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies immidiately arrived at the site. The experts made a number of steps to ensure the safety of the territory of Solotvyno salt mine and to suspend karst processes in the village of Solotvyno.     

 In addition, Tyachiv district state administration and Tyachiv District Council appealed to Transcarpathian RTegional State Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to finance the measures to eliminate the emergency in the village of Solotvyno and the works of the SE "Production directorate to eliminate Solotvyno salt mine."

As you know, the problem of soil subsidence in the area is not new, so the authorities urge all residents of the district, and first of all residents of Solotvyn to be careful, to pay attention to warning signs, not to cross fencing and keep away from areas of karst chasms!

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