The annual campaign “Write a letter to St. Nicholas!” launched in Transcarpathia

In Transcarpathia, letters to St. Nicholas can be sent within the campaign "St. Nicholas will not forget about you" by December 15, at Uzhgorod, Holovposhta, P.O. box 1 "a", "to St. Nicholas".

Dear children!

Every year in the cold December night, when everything around is covered with snow, good St. Nicholas looks into the windows where good and obedient boys and girls live He comes quietly and only to those who was obeying and helping mom and dad all year. But in order to let Saint Nicholas know it, you must send him a letter describing all your good deeds and actions, and if you cannot do this on you own, ask your mom and dad to write and send the letter. To make St. Nicholas happy, you can send him interesting pictures of him, winter and fun winter holidays. And your letters will be delivered to a distant country of Lapland, where good St. Nicholas lives among dense forests and perpetual frost, by his helpers from Transcarpathia! 

In Transcarpathia, send letters to St. Nicholas by December 15, at:

Uzhgorod, Holovposhta, P/ 1 "a" "to St. Nicholas"

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