The anniversary of Volodymyr Ivasyuk will be celebrated in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

On March 4, at 5:00 pm, a literary and musical event dedicated to Volodymyr Ivasyuk will take place in the reading room of the Trascarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library.
Ivasyuk died more than a quarter of a century ago. However, his songs are still played in Ukraine and abroad, there is no less interest in the composer’s work and life. Although the younger generation knows about Ivasyuk mostly from older people, and the collections of his songs have become a rarity, the works of Ivasyuk are what forms a sense of beauty and love for the native land. We are proud that he was among us, that we are lucky enough to live the same country!
Therefore, we sincerely invite everyone to honor the memory of the great composer.

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