The ambassador to the EU proposes to give Ukraine the frozen investments to Russia

The finances, that are frozen due to sanctions against Russia, should be allocated to Ukraine.

This was stated by the representative of Ukraine to the EU, Ambassador Konstantin Eliseev, the "UNIAN" reported.

"It would be a logical step from political and economic points of view. It would also be fair considering the scope and nature of the crime committed by Russia against Ukraine. This funds, for example, could fill the special EU program for the rehabilitation of the Donbas" – the ambassador explained his opinion.

Commenting on sanctions against Russia, the Ukrainian diplomat said that the decision "was a turning point in the way the European Union perceives daring and impermissible conduct of Russia towards Ukraine."

"This move was also an important political signal – strength and aggression are not acceptable categories for international relations in the XXI century. This decision gives us confidence that the European Union will continue to take decisive steps if Russia does not stop and continues to destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine. Today we clearly see that economic interests can not dominate over our shared values," – Eliseev said.

Referring to the fact that the sanctions in the area of ​​military-technical cooperation will not affect existing contracts, including the sale of helicopter carriers "Mistral" to Russia, the ambassador said that this contract violates the basic rules of the EU and can not be considered in the context of economic sanctions as such.

"This contract must be reviewed on the basis of the requirements of European Union legislation," – he said.

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