Thanks to deputy Petyovka, in kindergartens of Tyachiv and Rakhiv children will eat borsch (PHOTOS)

Nowadays, the government allocate only half of needed funds for the food for preschoolers. Local budgets too have not enough money for such expenditures. So, parents of preschool children mostly have to solve this problem with their own means. Or seek the help of benefactors. Without their assistance it is extremely difficult to provide adequate nuitrition for preschoolers.

For the second consecutive year preschools of Tyachiv and Rakhiv district, with the help of the deputy of Ukraine Vasyl Petyovka, receive vegetables as part of the charity promotion. These days he again helped PEIs by facilitating in receiving of potatoes and beets for kids. Each kindergarten received from 300 to 900 kilograms of potatoes and 60 kilograms of beets.

Overall, all pre-schools of Rakhiv and Tyachiv district received more than 62 tons of potatoes and almost 6 tons of beets. Directors of kindergartens sincerely thanked the patron claiming that the received food would be enough until the next harvest.


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