Terrorists were going to blow up the Hungarian monument on the Veretsky Pass

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov posted on his facebook the breaking news.

Today, on October 2, he reported that as a result of a special operation in Transcarpathia, a group of terrorists, that planned to blow up the Hungarian monument set on the Veretsky Pass, had been detained.

During the detention, the polcie found a specially manufactured explosive device and RGD-5 grenades. "The task was to do everything quickly – recently the Ukrainian-Hungarian relations have been tense and the terrorist attack was supposed to pour oil into the flame," Arsen Avakov wrote. "The criminal group of several people, residents of Cherkasy region was monitored by a special group of criminal police under the direct leadership of Knyazev and Abroskin. A number of indisputable facts concerning the involvement of this group in 9 crimes committed in 2016-2017 and aimed at fueling xenophobia, religious intolerance and international conflicts were proven."


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