Territorial Battalion will not have time to rest

On Friday, August 8, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Valeriy Lunchenko met with the soldiers of the Transcarpathian territorial defense battalion, the press service informed.

– We have the decision of the Ministry of Defence and the General Headquaters that the territorial defense battalion will be engaged within the region in order to ensure peace and order here. 
And we have to understand all the responsibilities. Of all the battalions that have formed in the region, only ours will not be sent to the East. The country’s leaders were involved in solving this issue. Therefore, the Transcarpathian territorial defense battalion must justify the trust.  

Those military skills that you have gained here will be useful for you. I am sure you will be able to adequately protect our region. If there is the need for urgent response, I know that among you, there are those who will be willing to help neighboring regions – Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk. In the western regions, our territorial battalion will be engaged to ensure peace in these regions – Valeriy Lunchenko said. 

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