Tent of contention

The question of transportable equipment’s location approval was considered at the regular meeting of the Executive Committee today, June 13. They were talking about the newspaper stall on the Liberty Avenue near the post office which belongs to Irshava district entrepreneur.

The Deputy Mayor, the City Council member Yurii Beliakov suggested to the newspaper’s stall owner to find another place for trade, since there is a post office at that place on Avenue, which also sells newspapers. ‘Therefore, we consciously kill the state enterprise’ – he said and suggested to more carefully examine this issue.

‘This issue was discussed at the Commission’s meetings. Concerning this matter the members’ thoughts dispersed. Therefore, in the telephone mode, we contacted with the businessman and he said that she intends to continue selling her products at this place’, – said Uzhgorod Mayor Deputy Head, the Regional Council deputy Viktor Trukyr. He also mentioned that the executive committee cannot refuse in permissions to entrepreneurs from other cities, because they participate in social and economic development. This woman has been selling at this place for more than 10 years and there is no legal ground to ban her to do it.

Viktor Fedorovych invited all those who had comments at the commission’s meeting during which various opinions and observations are discussed.

The executive committee member Margarita Moshchak added that the competition must be in any business, and the executive committee has nothing to do with the  fact that it is not profitable to ‘Ukrposhta’ that anybody sells the same goods. In her opinion, the market should determine who has a right to trade there.

Finally, entrepreneurs gave their permission to sell newspapers next to the post office. 

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