Tens of holubtsi (cabbage rolls) types will be offered to tourists in Transcarpathia

As the portal ‘Tourinform Zakarpatye’ informs, in the village of Great Bychkov, Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region the second festival of cabbage rolls will take place.

Date: August 5, 2012.

In 2010, at the festival there was cooked 25 types of cabbage rolls (golubtsi): Wedding golubtsi, Golubtsi of sauerkraut, Golubtsi with boiled pork sliced, Golubtsi with buckwheat, Golubtsi stuffed with veal, Golubtsi stuffed with barley, stuffed with krupikamy, stuffed with krupikamy and rice, Golubtsi with mushrooms , Golubtsi with vegetables, Golubtsi stuffed with bacon, Golubtsi with torgonyo, Golubtsi with chabrik, golubtsi with roasted pork, Golubtsi with fried onions, Lazy cabbage rolls, Golubtsi with peppers, Golubtsi made of sweet cabbage, Golubtsi with sausages, Golubtsi with tomatoes, Golubtsi with sour cream, Golubtsi in beet leaves, Golubtsi in grape leaves, Meat Golubtsi, Lean golubtsi.

Note that the Golubtsi festival in the village V.Bychkov was founded in 2010. Rakhiv district in Transcarpathia is extremely popular with tourists, besides the natural and architecture objects guests are attracted by numerous festivals and celebrations, in particular festival ‘Banosh’ in the village Kostylivka, ‘Dilovetski kalachi’, a festival of humor in Yasinya, ‘Rakhiv cheese’,  Hutsul turnip.

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