Technical amusement rides condition is checked in Transcarpathia

The business entities scheduled inspection on condition observance of safe rides technology operation is continued in the region. The specialists of the territorial State Industrial Monitoring Administration in the Transcarpathian region worked in Mukachevo these days, – informs the SIMA press service in Transcarpathin region.

It was in the city over Latorytsia where they had to confront with an extremely irresponsible attitude from the owner’s site to the numerous visitors security in the entertainment center, as the head of the State Territory Inspection Vasyl Vasylnyk.

At the time of inspection kids and adults were tempted by the opportunity to have a good time at seven different rides with the most attractive names at once: small and large chain merry-go-round, ‘Manezh’ (‘Arena’), ‘Bryz’ (‘Breeze’), ‘Salto’ (‘Somersault’), ‘Autodrom’ and ‘Sonechko’ (‘Sun’). However, each of them constituted the potential threat to the health and even life of visitors.

We are not talking about such ‘trifles’, as not passing by the staff the rules of safety, building and safe exploitation of rides technology. It is enough to say that the complex owner for some reason ‘forgot’ about such a ‘trifle’ as a proper permission of SIMA for each of seven available rides operation, perhaps, being in hurry to earn more money with the onset of warm days.

But without the mentioned document, which is proceeded by a thorough inspection of specific equipments, rides are considered to be defective. Therefore, it is quite naturally, that the inspectors had no choice but to ban their work. Hopefully, the entrepreneur, for the potential customers joy and for his benefit will be able promptly correct the identified drawbacks and the amusement rides start will happen.  

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