Teachers and officials experienced a “pure delight” at today’s meeting with Anatoly Kinakh in Uzhgorod

Today, August 21, deputy head of the Party of Regions, Member of Parliament, President of Ukrainian Business and Manufacturers Union and a presidential adviser Anatoly Kinakh visited Uzhgorod within election campaign trip.

The meeting, which was also attended by "regional" parliamentary candidate Vasyl Kovacs and the head Uzhgorod district Ruslan Chornak, was held in the hall of "Domion" cinema, where teachers, municipal and district officials, representatives of culture and education were herded together in the best traditions of the pre-election "pre-revolutionary" times. 

No direct campaigning was heard from Anatoliy Kinakh during the event may sound, but flag of the Party of Regions was posted on the scene beside the national one. 

"Such meetings should be very sincere, because only at such meetings one can "diagnose" the sickness of the state," – began his speech the deputy head of the Party of Regions.
Nevertheless, Anatoly Kinakh was asked a pretty sincere question by a representative of the public movement "OPORA" and Uzhgorod journalist Yaroslav Hulan: "Sir Anatoliy, why are you engaged in campaign activities during working hours? There are many teachers here today coming from the district and different parts of Uzhgorod, as well as officials and cultural workers. September 1st is approaching, and all of them need to prepare for a new school year, but they spend their working day here listening to sppech about the achievements of the Party of Regions. " This question caused a flurry of applause. 

Anatoly Kinakh decided to respond in a philosophic manner: "I think as some philosopher once said that the pure delight in life is communication. I am on vacation at the moment … But this is not such a great violation in the context of 2-3 hours of our meeting in comparison with the pleasure we get from our communication. I would ask to treat this with tolerance … If I visited each institution separately, then I would have to spend a month in Transcarpathia or even just in Uzhgorod "- argued the guest explaining the cause for teachers and officials distraction from the workflow.

However, Anatoly Kinah agreed that such meetings certainly can be interpreted as the use of administrative resources.

Anatoly Kinakh, answering questions of Uzhgorod teachers, said that he was concerned about the situation with wages. "In terms of salary – Ukraine occupies the third place from the bottom in Europe. Behind us is only Moldova and Albania. Such studies have been performed several years ago.  In the field of education and culture to enhance the impact of state policy."


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