Tax Service will force everyone to report

Tax Service is ready to accept declarations from all Ukrainians – the only thing that’s left is to persuade them to do that. This was stated, during the government meeting with the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, by the head of the State Tax Service Oleksandr Klimenko. Provided the mandatory declaration of income for all citizens is introduced, this innovation will affect the total working population and much of retirees – about 30 million Ukrainians writes the Dzerkalo Tyzhnya.
The chief tax officer believs that a general declaration of income should encourage not only the legalization of wages, but business in general. There are also expectations that massive declaration will be an effective way to combat corruption and illegal income.
Since technically the Tax Service is ready to process such great quantity of declarations, according to Klimenko, they should work on motivational component of the innovations. In particular, Ukrainians must be confident that all people, without exception, will be reporting and therefore pay taxes. To ensure this, says the head of the STS, they consider the option of voluntary official legalization of capital for the creation of "a starting point for further legalization processes."
Oleksandr Klimenko reassured: a general declaration will be implemented without haste, in the course of several years.

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