Tax police found near the border half a million worth of contraband cigarettes

Due to intelligence it was found out that in a private house, which is located near the border, they illegally kept a large batch of cigarettes prepared for smuggling to Romania.

On the basis of a court order, the search was conducted in the house, during which they found and seized 60 thousand packs of cigarettes "Jin Ling" made in Moldova without tax stamps for tobacco products.

"The smuggling channel ceased to exist due to the series of search operations codenamed "Border". This is the third case of illegal storage of a large consignment of excisable goods, disclosed by the tax police of the region this year," – the first deputy head – the head of the tax police of the STS in Transcarpathian district Yevhen Pryndak said.

In total, this year tax police of Transcarpathian region seized 1 million hryvnias worth of excise goods.

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