Tax Office almost doesn’t inspect any more

Audits of small businesses, using cash registers, have decreased by 93.6 per cent – said the head of State Tax Service (STS) in Ukraine Alexander Klimenko during a press conference. According to him, since the beginning of the year there have been tested only 618 small businesses that use cash registers, 15 times less than last year.

"These inspections are the last resort impact on unscrupulous employers. Moreover, most of them are held as a result of applications from citizens or other governmental agencies on the information about any violations of law on business objects of taxpayers", – said Alexander Klimenko.
Since the beginning of the year there have been conducted 5977 inspections of business entities that make payments in cash. Compared with the previous year their number has decreased by 70.5 per cent, or by14,305 checks.
Additionally charged punitive penalties have decreased by 2.2 times compared to those in 2011. Business entities have been charged 28.9 million gryvnia punitive sanctions for violations since the beginning of the year, which makes 34 mln gryvnia less than for the same period last year.

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