Tax inspectors say they stopped a severe “shake up” of small businesses

The number of routine documentary checks performed by tax officers during the third quarter of 2012 decreased by 15%.
According to the State Tax Service (STS), it has become possible thanks to "improvement of planning procedures and selection of only risky taxpayers for verification."
In the third quarter of year tax agency plans to check 1.7 thousand commercial entities.

In the first quarter of this year 2.1 thousand inspections were conducted by the tax service and 2 thousand in the second quarter.
"In general only up to 8 thousand documentary checks are planned for this year. Over the past three years, the total amount of such audits were cut by a third, "- informed STS.

Just as a reminder! By the end of 2012 a moratorium on actual inspections of small and medium businesses is staying in force. This time is allotted as "adaptive period" to implement the new rules simplified taxation and other legislative changes.STS earlier reported that in July the number of tax payers increased by a third.

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