Tajiks twice tried to enter the EU, and both times unsuccessfully

In Transcarpathia, two men from Tajikistan twice tried to enter the EU, in both cases the attempts failed.

First, a 47-year-old and a 22-year-old travelers tried to officially cross the border with Hungary at the checkpoint "Luzhanka." However, due to the absence of visas, Hungarian border guards did not let them into the territory of the country. Hungarian border guards also refused to grant the foreigners refugee status which the Tajiks applied for on account of being active participants of the rallies against the government of Tajikistan.

After that, the men decided to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border illegally at night. But this attempt failed too. The illegal migrants were detained 600 meters to the border by border guards of the department "Luzhanka" of the Mukachevo detachment.

The foreigners were taken to the border guard unit for the preparation of the administrative and procedural documents and ascertaining the details of the illegal travel. Their actions will be judged by court.

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